Second Ark Community Fund Proposal Funded!

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Proposal Approval Announcement

We are pleased to be able to confirm that the Ark Community Fund (ACF) board have approved and funded their second community project.

The project proposer is community member @faustbrian (yin network developer).

@faustbrian’s proposal was to implement a PHP client for the Ark network, and a bridge using the Laravel framework for easier usage from web pages. The client has been fully tested and is now being used on

The ACF now has it’s own Github repository, please take a look:

You can also check @faustbrian‘s repositories out here:

The ACF provided an initial 1,250 ARK upfront payment to help fund the work done before the proposal was made. After reviewing the code, the ACF sent a final payment of 1,250 ARK after completion of the following tasks:

1. Produce a generic crypto class containing signing functions. This can be used by PHP developers in other crypto projects.
2. Use secure endpoints and signed transactions.
3. Create extensive documentation, particularly around using public endpoints.

The ACF board would like to thank @faustbrian (yin network developer) for his work and look forward to working with him on future proposals.

If you have a project, small team or an idea, send us a message and we can help!


ACF Board Members : jamiec79dafty, jaruniktoons & michaelthecryptoguy

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