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You might be asking what is KAPU?

KAPU was the first token to be forked from the Ark, it was also the first to successfully bring up a Testnet chain.

KAPU Testnet

I’m pleased to say the KAPU testnet is up and running, if you’d like to run a test delegate please contact Kiashaan via the links at the bottom of this blog!

What is KAPU’s Purpose?

The KAPU project aims to make immutable the human history through the creation of the first world archaeological blockchain of the modern era and also aims to enhance it thanks to today’s technology (multimedia, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc.).

KAPU Pre-sale

The KAPU’s pre-sale began on 15 June and will end on 31 August 2017. In order to have funds to develop this incredible project we decided to launch an ICO that will start on 16 September and will end on 16 October 2017.

The ICO’s goal will be to raise funds that will allow developers to make various implementation and improvements of the KAPU project. All ICO’s details can be found on https://kapu.one

During the ICO, investors will be able to participate using various DPOS cryptocurrencies such as LISK, Shift, ARK, RISE and also with BTC and ETH.

KAPU MainNET launch date is  21 October 2017

KAPU Road Map

KAPU Coin Distribution

KAPU Forging Rewards

• 422 KAPUs every day
• 12.800 KAPUs each month
• 154.030 KAPUs every year
• 51 active delegates will forge about 7,747,920 KAPUs every year

The reward of 2 KAPU will be maintained for the foreseeable future. Unlike some other blocks, KAPU will not reduce forging prizes every year or simplify the size of a given block, but because of the same prize, inflation will drop each year.

Please visit Kapu Webpage for more information

To join KAPU’s Slack please click on the following link Kapu Slack

If you have any questions please contact @kiashaan

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog – @jamiec79

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