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So what have we been up to?

Well it’s fair to say the Ark Community Fund (ACF) board members have been very busy in the background. This update covers what we’ve been up to, current funding position, ACF delegate position, some of the projects we have received, and the next steps for the ACF.

ACF Board Meetings

We have now completed two board meetings. The main discussion points were:

  • Project submission process and how that can be simplified.
  • Delegate security and redundancy has been improved.
  • Board meeting processes.
  • Managing the board – we now have our own Slack, which is integrated into Trello to manage both internal and external projects.

The ACF platform is currently under discussion.  We want to ensure the platform is capable of supporting voting, project submission, project status and a place to host community tools. The current consensus is to complete a web page for the ACF.  

The platform could become a project for a Community Developer, so if we have any web platform/page guru’s out there please let us know!

Current Funding Position

We’ve been amazed by the number donations made to the ACF!

The fund has been growing rapidly with the contributions from the Ark Community and a few anonymous donations (philanthropy isn’t dead!). We initially received about 35,000 ARK to support the fund.  

Since then  the fund has grown, with a recent number of significant donations, the current funding position is 153,744 ARK!

The ACF board would like to thank everyone for their donations and contributions. Please keep them coming!

ACF Delegate Position

The ACF was in an active forging position until recently being voted out. The benefit of the ACF delegate forging is it becomes self funding, enabling the ACF to support community members, developers who request funding to support their Ark related projects.

The aim of the ACF is, and always will be, to help support the development of tools, software and marketing campaigns which support the Ark Ecosystem and help provide value for the entire Ark community.

So please, if you can spare a few votes for the ACF, it would be great to achieve a forging position again.

ACF Projects

To date, the ACF has received one formal proposal, with a number of ongoing discussions with project proposers.

We are keen for the Community to come forward with their proposals. If you have a great idea, but don’t have the required skills to get it off the ground, then submit a proposal and we can help fund developers to support your project needs.

All proposals are welcome, but must benefit the Ark Community.

Next Steps

The ACF will continue to meet regularly to finalise the main decisions around structure and how we can streamline the project proposal process.

Following that, the ACF will be working on providing the platform and support required by potential projects.

We look forward to receiving your proposals. We have the funding, we now need the great people of the Ark Community to come forward.

If you would like to read more about the Ark Community Fund, please click on the following link:

ARK Community Fund Information

So once again, thank you for the supporting Ark Community Fund. Its been humbling! 

ACF Board Members : jamiec79dafty, jaruniktoons & michaelthecryptoguy

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