Ark News Roundup – 29th May 2017

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What’s happened in the last few weeks?!

The (so called!) Crypto Bubble, the markets have seen significant growth, with an additional $55 Billion Dollars being absorbed by the Market.  A new updated Ark Roadmap, Wallet, and the Reddit Sweepstakes.

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The Ark Crew have completely redeveloped the Ark roadmap, the new page shows the phases, milestones and completion status.

The new page shows the various work streams which range from: –

  • Mobile Wallets
  • Smartbridge Partnerships
  • Pushbutton Deployable Blockchains
  • NFC/Contactless Chip Wearable Devices
  • Alternative Development Implementation And Programming Languages

The roadmap webpage shows the progress against each of the 17 phases.

Please click the Blue link to take a look at the Ark Roadmap

Ark have released a number of wallet updates, the most recent is version 1.2.2

In the last few releases a number of new features and updates have taken place, namely:-

  • Few fixes on account refresh @dafty-1
  • Removed cold wallet warning
  • Add QR code scanner @luciorubeens
  • Support for multiple cloned networks @fix
  • Send all button to populate amount with all available funds @dafty-1
  • Rebroadcast if tx stay unconfirmed @fix

There are too many updates to list here, but since the first Mainnet wallet (v1.0.1) a significant amount of development has taken place, with much more to come!

ARK Core Update — Get Ready for Multiple Network Support

Boldninja posted the following update:

ARK is advancing and improving its core to prepare it for easily deployable custom blockchains and multiple network support, along with constantly improving the base code. Thus, we are happy to announce a new node.js core release moving from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1.

Major upgrade on the core code to support multiple networks. This code upgrade does not change any API features, but enables the deployment of custom networks — ARK becoming the 1st blockchain made for easily deployable custom blockchains based on project/customer/startup/enterprise needs (delegate numbers, transactions per block, block times, … ). A video showing how easy it will be to deploy your own blockchain will be available in the coming days.

For the full blog please click here.

Price Update

It’s been a very interesting month for the Crypto market as a whole, we saw BTC go from $1296 to $2781.  On the Korean market it traded with up to a $700 premium.

Crypto in general rose significantly bringing almost $55 billion dollars into this market.

When reflecting, ARK seemed more resilient than the other Altcoins.  When BTC rose and dumped ARK didn’t seem to be affected as greatly as the other Altcoins.

Good advice, BTFD… lol

The ARK price for the month offered a low of 8.9K satoshis and a high of 18.1K satoshis. ARK price at the time of publishing this blog is 11K satoshis.

Reddit Sweepstakes

An Ark community member @jarunik created the Reddit Sweepstakes, with the aim of drawing in 400 subscribers to the Ark Reddit page Ark Ecosystem.

More details of the competition being run by @jarunik by clicking on the following link: Bring 400 subscribers – Win 400 Ark

Once the initial target of 400 is completed (342 currently) @jarunik has another competition to draw in more Reddit users, the raffle will begin once the initial target is met.  More details are contained within the attached link: Free – Big upcoming lottery


In the last month a great deal has happened in the Crypto market.  Ark is progressing at a steady pace, with roadmap phases being progressed and the Pushbutton Testnet Deployment around the corner.

This is just a summary of what has happened in the last 3-4 weeks, if you would like me to include anything specific in the next blog please drop me a message!

I have some cool items planned for the next blog, due in 1 weeks time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog



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