ARK Weekly Roundup – 2nd May 2017 – One Month Since Mainnet Launch

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The journey so far!

This weeks blog is a summary of the highlights since Arks inception.

Ark launched on 21st March 2017 at 19:00hrs, since then it’s grown in terms of community, exchanges listing Ark, partnerships have been developed and the community has gone from strength to strength.  Many of us have been here since TEC and seen the original 0.1.0 Testnet all the way through to today’s Mainnet.

ARK Price Update

Overall the price of ARK has stabalised in the last week, sitting in a daily range of between 12000 to 15500 satoshis.  This is still significantly higher than the original TEC price which was somewhere between 1600 and 3300 satoshis (dependant on bonus received).

All time low – 2603 satoshis – 22nd March 2017

All time high – 32360 satoshis – 16th April 2017

Ark appears to have found a stable trading range, with the expectation that the price will continue upward when announcements and developments are released over the coming months.

Ark Developments

Arky, Arky-cli Python integration –  you can message him by clicking on @toons

Arkbot, Tipbot and the also the widely used Ark Pool Vote/Share Calculator – you can message him by clicking @dafty  – Ark Services, Links, and the widely used Ark Vote Report –  you can message him by clicking @gr33ndragon – unofficial Ark News/Blog site – you can message him by clicking @jamiec79

Ark Community Fund  (ACF)

The ACF documents have been drafted, reviewed and approved.  The ACF Board Members are in the process of being nominated, with elections starting Wednesday 3rd May @ 00:01 hrs, and will conclude Sunday 7th May @ 23:59hrs UTC (timings are subject to change).

The elected board members will then agree and develop an ACF Portal/Webpage where the following items will be located: –

  • Project Submission
  • Project Status Dashboard
    • Project Status
    • Project Update/Comments
    • ACF Fund Value
  • Project Discussion Area – Place to discuss ideas and talk through possible project submissions.
  • Project Support – A place to ask questions and gain support/

These are my thoughts at this point, but it will be up to the elected board members to agree and define the platform, as well as some of the finer detail around escrow etc.

Sidzero and I wanted to create a base for the ACF to build upon, which i think we have done successfully with the great support of the Ark Community.  Again it’s thanks to all involved in developing a structure to create some amazing tools and software for Ark.

Arky Desktop

@toons has been very busy in the last couple of weeks, enhancing and developing Arky.  One of the more recent developments is Voter Fidelity (VF), this was developed to stop Pool Hoppers, moving from pool to pool and gaining ark rewards for voting for a short period of time.

Voter Fidelity basically means people only get paid for the time that their vote has been in place.  So for example if i set voter fidelity at 1 day and i have two voters:-

Voter 1 – Vote had been in place for 1 full day, they receive 100% of their daily reward.

Voter 2 – Vote has been in place for 0.5 of a day, they receive 50% of their daily reward.

If you have any questions about Arky Desktop, please contact @toons (Slack) via the #python channel.

Java & Ark Intregration

The Ark Crew recently announced the recent development of a Java library to  increase the breadth of tools to assist with Ark developing.

@boldninja wrote

ARK is delighted to announce that our team has successfully developed a Java library to connect to the ARK blockchain using Groovy framework. We welcome the Java community with open arms as new and exciting ways to connect and utilize ARK are implemented.

The popularity of Java gives us reach into more universal business enterprises and gaming applications. Java integration also paves the way for alternative full node implementation, and even mobile blockchain based apps or games. The learning curve for using Groovy framework for Java is extremely fast, Javark can run on JVM and can be used by all Java developers!

There are many other cool developments, tools and software created by the community, too many to mention, if i have missed anything you’d like mentioned please message me in Ark Slack.

I hope you have enjoyed reading, if you have any suggestions for items you would like to see covered, please send me a message via slack @jamiec79.  I’m working on some cool blogs, which i will be releasing over the next few weeks.

Thank you for your time, jamiec79

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