ARK Weekly Roundup – 16th April 2017

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To the Moon (and back a bit!)

Wow what a week!

Ark has had a very busy week with the CoinInterview, significant price change, the Community Fund progresses and more cool Ark tools.

Ark Price News

It’s been an exciting and nail biting week for price of Ark.

It started the week at 6700 satoshis and by Sunday this week the price reached as high as 32376 satoshis, some Ark holders took the decision to cash in, in the hope of buying back in at a lower price.

The meteoric rise seems in part due to the announcements this week (Java, Ark Bounty and CoinInterview).  The actual pace of rise seemed a little concerning for most of the Ark community.  A slower and steadier increase would have been preferred (in my humble opinion!).  But I know some people may disagree.

But at the time of writing the price has fallen back a little to 25600 satoshis, as it decides whether to fall back further or rise again!  This pricing roller coaster seems like it’s far from over!

ARK: First JavaScript DPoS Blockchain With Native Support for Java Development

The article posted by BoldNinja on the official Ark Blog which covered the new feature.

 ARK is delighted to announce that our team has successfully developed a Java library to connect to the ARK blockchain using Groovy framework. We welcome the Java community with open arms as new and exciting ways to connect and utilize ARK are implemented.

The popularity of Java gives us reach into more universal business enterprises and gaming applications. Java integration also paves the way for alternative full node implementation, and even mobile blockchain based apps or games. The learning curve for using Groovy framework for Java is extremely fast, Javark can run on JVM and can be used by all Java developers!

The Ark Community Fund (ACF)

The Ark Community Fund Concept Paper is in the process of being reviewed, it was drafted by two community delegates jamiec79 & sidzero.  The #community fund channel contributors and Ark Crew have been key to the successful development of the ACF Concept Paper.  Without them this wouldn’t have been possible!

The ACF’s main aim is to create a funding platform for developers and the community, this enables them to put forward projects/ideas that will help to build a strong, diverse and stable ecosystem for Ark.  A number of forging delegates already have a profit share element set aside for the ACF, the hope going forward, is to also attract philanthropic investors, looking to assist in expanding the Ark ecosystem.

Again, thank you to all involved in crafting a fund raising/development fund to help support Ark and it’s ever growing community.

I will continue to release a weekly update on ARK, I’m working on shorter daily blogs, detailing key information/updates.  I continue to create a Bio for each of the Ark Crew and Community Developers, I’m aiming to begin releasing them in the near future.

I hope you enjoyed reading, I thank you for your time!

@jamiec79 – Delegate

*All of the pricing information contained within this blog was correct at the time of writing.

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