ARK Weekly Roundup – 9th April 2017

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ARK- Another interesting week!

The pace of new tools, pool strategies, and the number of Ark required to be an active delegate continues to increase.

Ark Price

The prices of Ark has fluctuated over the last week, this is to be expected for a newly born Crypto coin.  At Arks height this week it reached 7100 Satoshi (Sat) and dropped as low as 4210 Sat. Whilst writing this blog the price seems to have steadied at around 6400-6800 Sat range.

Ark Supply

Around 38.9 million Ark are being used to secure/vote for the top 51 active delegates.  Which is over 31% of the total Ark supply.  The question delegates keep asking themselves is how much Ark will it take to secure a forging position?!


All delegates are keeping a very watchful eye on their position, it’s become part of our daily ritual.  Log on, check position via Block Explorer and either laugh or cry!  For most of us moving 20-30 positions in a day is fairly typical, but our nerves took a hammering (@tharude – that ones for you!).

It now takes 721K Ark to be in 51st Place.

New Tools

@toons has released his Vote/Pool Calculator

WIN32 – Pool Calculator
WIN64 – Pool Calculator

@gr33ndragon‘s webpage is developing every day, it’s quickly become a “one-stop shop” for everything Ark!  Gr33ndragon’s Ark Node Site

If anyone else has any tools, or software i’ve missed then please let know, i’ll happily add a link.

Ark Community Fund (ACF) – Draft Concept Paper Launched.

There are a number of solo delegates and pools that have allocated a proportion of their forged Ark towards a Community Fund. It was discussed by the members of the #communityfund – Slack channel that a more collaborative approach would enable the community to fund Ark related projects.  Rather than a number of relatively small individual holders.

A Concept Paper describes how the fund could/would work, how the fund could be managed, projects could be filtered, refined and voted on.  The paper at this stage is in a draft format, so that people are able to share ideas, thoughts, and changes with the community.

It will take time to agree the structure of the fund, project and ACF Board Members voting, how the fund will be managed.  Will the ACF focus just on Ark related tools, hardware and infrastructure to begin with, or will it also be able to become an Ark Incubator?  The Ark Crew’s involvement in reviewing and proposing suggestions has been really beneficial.  Along with the #communityfund channels support.

ACF Initial Concept Paper

The Ark Community Fund – Project Template

ACF Feedback, Ideas and Changes

The ACF paper is now under review by the community.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas, this is after all the communities document!

To help ensure we are able to begin funding community projects, we would ask that all feedback is provided by Friday 14th April 2017 please?

Ark Branding/Marketing

A new channel (#marketing) has been created for the community to put forward changes and suggestions to the current Ark marketing, website, whitepaper and roadmap.

The Ark Crew have already started updating the elements highlighted above, based upon the comments and suggestions, but this could take time, as they have many priorities to consider.  More updates on Marketing will follow in future weekly updates.

I will be releasing a weekly update on ARK, also shorter daily blogs detailing key information/updates, and i’m working on creating a Bio for each of the Ark Crew and Community Developers.

I hope you enjoyed reading, I thank you for your time!

@jamiec79 – Delegate

*All of the pricing information contained within this blog was correct at the time of writing.

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