Ark Post Launch Summary – A Delegate’s Eye View – Part 2

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Post Launch – How did Ark launch go?

I’m very pleased to report that following the launch Ark continues to go from strength to strength!

The genesis nodes were only required for a few hours after launch, which itself is a very positive sign!

This blog continues from 00:30 hrs 22nd March 2017.  This feels a bit like 24…..

00:30hrs UTC

The delegates forging nodes had recovered from the attempted network disruption, and people were mainly back to forging.  At this stage the Slack channels were still very busy, the most frequently asked questions were:

  • How do I forge?
  • How do I vote?
  • How do I get access to my TEC funds?
  • When will you release my bounty?

Once again the Ark crew were on hand to help people with accessing their funds, processing bounties, support in general and posting links to Instruction Guides. The Magnificent 7 were on hand to offer support were they could, deferring to the Ark Crew, where needed.

Ark/Votes required for a top 51 Position – 15K Ark

12:00hrs UTC

The top 51 active forging list changed significantly in the first 12hrs, once people had started to withdraw their TEC funds, and began voting.

This is where the delegates began to realise that TEC funds alone wouldn’t keep them in the top 51.  So began the marketing of delegate proposals.  The channels were full of people (including me) posting links to their delegate proposals in the hope of attracting enough interest!

Ark Price – 3000 satoshis

More people joined the Slack channels, nearing 750 members at this point. Everyone was on hand to offer support and answer questions.

00:30hrs UTC – 23rd March 2017

The forging delegate list continued to change, delegates were moving up and down the list.

Ark/Votes required for a top 51 Position – 25K

More delegates registered, people were writing and updating delegate proposals, with the aim of attracting enough voters to secure a forging position.

The days that followed the launch….

The days following the initial launch were frantic, the Magnificent 7 were on hand to take pressure off the Ark Crew.

Ark related tools were being developed and released on an almost daily basis.

@toons the creator of ARKY, released a new version of the Arky Windows Desktop (v1.2), which is designed to manage payments to delegates voters (if they have a voting share within their proposal). @dafty continued to develop the functionality of Arkbot, the bot can now provide pricing for the mainstream Crypto currencies (if the coin you want isn’t there DM @dafty in slack). Secondly the launch of Arkbots tipping function, this function allows delegates, Ark crew and community members to tip each other for contributions to the Ark Community.

The time and effort both @dafty and @toons have invested in creating these tools is significant and deserved a big mention here!

There are many additional tools/sites that have been released, these include but are not limited to: –

Voter Payout calculators – A number of community members have created some very cool calculators to make transparent which pool offers the best return at that time.

@dafty  – Ark Pool Calculator

@bioly – Bioly Pool Calculator

@realnoah – RealNoah Pool Calculator

@gr33ndragons Website A one stop shop for Ark related tools, explorers, snapshots and Ark related information.
Monitoring Tools A number of these tools have been released, one monitor is available via the above link to gr33ndragon News page dedicated to provide updates on Ark’s progress, but from a Community Members/Delegates perspective.

If I have missed anyone from this list please let me know (via @jamiec79 Slack) and I will be happy to update this article immediately.

Ark Price update

Ark’s price has been relatively stable considering it’s only been live for less than 2 weeks. The TEC funding prices was around 3300 Satoshis, which formed the basis for the initial mainnet launch price. Their have been highs and lows, the All Time Low (ATL) is 2200 Satoshis, the All Time High (ATH) is 9502 Satoshis.

The average price since launch is 6250 Satoshis (based on CryptoCompare’s data).

I think the general consensus is that the Ark Community are glad the pricing has been relatively stable.  Its almost doubled the original TEC price of 3300 Satoshis!

Community Fund

A Slack channel #communityfund has been created, with the idea of developing a structure where it’s hoped delegates with a share of their forged
Ark will deposit their funds into a community controlled fund. The idea being that a central pot of funds, with Ark Community Developers submitting
proposals for the review, well defined ideas, with a clear benefit to the community. If the proposal is then selected for funding the Ark Community developer will be funded to develop their proposed tool, software, or hardware suggestion.

The aim of this fund is to provide support to the very talented Ark Community Developers, offering them funding to create and develop tools that will make Ark a force to be reckoned with! Now and for many years to come!

This is Ark philanthropy, it’s not all about the profit and quick wins, this is a long term plan, with value being added to the Ark Ecosystem continually.

Ark/Votes required for a top 51 Position – 517K

In summary, Arks launch into Mainnet, was one of the smoothest Crypto launches since Crypto began.

  • The tools and community continue to develop at a mind blowing pace.
  • The price has remained stable relative to most newly launched coins.
  • The top 51 now includes a number of Sharing Pools with various splits to support
    voters, cover the delegates VPS running costs and community fund shares.

I want to thank all of the talented community members for making Ark what it is!

I will be releasing a weekly update on ARK, also shorter daily blogs detailing key information/updates, and i’m working on creating a Bio for each of the Ark Crew and Community Developers.

I hope you enjoyed reading, I thank you for your time!

@jamiec79 – Delegate

*All of the pricing information contained within this blog was correct at the time of writing.

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